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Gallery to Go...

we'll start with a studio and end with a gallery.

A Gallery to Go Painting with a Purpose is a paint party held in honor of someone or something special...

A simple work of art is commissioned which all the party-goers will paint together just like a typical paint party. You walk away with a work of art that not only is a great memory of the paint party but also a memory of a special occasion, person, life theme, goal, retreat etc. Great for team building, family get-togethers, church groups, retreats etc. Fun and meaningful!!

Gallery to Go Fundraisers are a creative way to have people donate to your organization while having a party experience like none other!

Fundraisers include a canvas, paint, paint brushes and smock. As soon as your guests walk in and see the canvases all set up and hear the great music they'll know they are in for a good time! Bring your own beverages and snacks.

If you have an event or group that has a bit more meaning, a paint party is a great way to remember it. Here are a few examples of past Painting with a Purpose parties. Contact Gallery to Go to create your special painting and party. It's an event they'll never forget!

Painting entitled "She Made It" "My mother's friends had a wonderful time painting together and remembering my mom as we painted her favorite flower in full bloom in heaven; the painting showed her six budding friends still at work in the garden. A Gallery to Go Tribute party was an evening together we will always cherish!" - Kelli

Painting entitled "Believe" As our friend was diagnosed with cancer and everyone was feeling so heavy, we wanted to paint a picture that helped her stay focused on her healing. At the Gallery to Go party, laughter was the best medicine. We enjoyed having fun together again and love having that picture at home which reminds us to pray for our friend. Thanks Gallery to Go for bringing our group such a meaningful experience during a rough time. - Jeannie

Painting can be very therapeutic and can give us the escape that sometimes we all need! Paint a picture of healing or remembrance. Bringing unity, love and laughter into hard times can be just the boost someone needs.

At a couples retreat each individual paints half a picture and they bring it together to make one. A "think outside the box date night ". A great way to jump-start some fun in your relationship!

"Thanks for a great addition to our retreat! Rather than just sitting around watching videos we were pushed out of our comfort zone and ended up all having a great time! Thanks again! - Jennifer

CityLink's mission is transforming the face of poverty in Cincinnati. Partners from several different poverty-fighting agencies in the Cincinnati area came together to connect and get to know one another. Each painting a different image of Cincinnati the partners were surprised as the pictures came together to make a large butterfly representing their transformative work!

I think what you have is a really unique and fun event (especially the team building thing) so I wish you much luck in the future. I will refer you to everyone I know! Thanks for your work and the great format to bring our partners together with some creative fun!

- Wendy Lorenz and Johnmark Oudersluys, CityLink

Cincinnati Works painted a beautiful Cincinnati skyline, with each staff member painting a thumbprint in the center of the city. This thumbprint served as a reminder that when the problem of poverty or unemployment seems too big every individual is unique and matters.

Our Gallery to Go party was a hit with our employees! It offered a relaxed, fun and creative atmosphere for employees to interact with one another in a different way. We painted, we sang, we laughed, we admired each other's work, we discovered some hidden talents! It was a successful team- and morale-building event!

Peggy Zink

President Cincinnati Works

'Blended Paints' is a paint party that brings a family, co-workers or any group together on the common goal of creating a fun piece of art. It's great for gifts from the grandchildren to volunteers creating a piece artwork that makes all involved an artist!!

"He LOVED the picture. He had them hung in his office. Thank you again for setting it up. Grandma loved hers too. It was a huge hit. - Tracy

The staff of the Ronald McDonald House worked on this creation called "The Work of Their Hands". From the smallest gesture of opening a door for someone or a little smile to the hard physical work of providing meals, cleaning rooms and providing a place for families to stay connected... through the work of their hands grows a home away from home for families facing the most difficult of situations. As every staff member rotated and painted on each canvas the staff was reminded that no one person's work is more important than the others. Every detail comes together to make a big beautiful picture- The Ronald McDonald House.

Office parties aren't always the most memorable gatherings. Change that reputation by adding a a little color. A large canvas is pre-drawn and can include your company's logo. The employees work on it throughout the party. Ending with a creation that can go up on the wall at work!

Grateful for the Everyday for the Children's Epilepsy Foundation

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Tree


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